“What better than a window blinds with aesthetics and functionality” – Integrated Venetian Blinds 

What are Integrated Venetian blinds?

Integrated Venetian blinds are cutting-edge pleated blinds that are securely bonded between glass panels. They can be manually or automatically operated. Both window blinds can be custom-made to accommodate practically any type of vertical window or door system. They are useful for controlling natural light in homes or businesses. Because they are entirely sealed within a frame, integrated Venetian blinds require little or no maintenance.

Currasso offers double-glazed units with blinds in windows that are both elegant and contemporary in appearance yet easy to maintain.

What are the advantages of integrated venetian blinds?

Sandwich blinds provide total sun protection by greatly lowering heat transmission through the windows. They manage light and alleviate the problem of heat gain in buildings. Because the blinds are enclosed within the unit, they are well-protected against dirt, dust, and even normal wear and tear. Because there is no surface for bacteria to settle on and propagate, the blinds are ideal for situations where hygiene is paramount. The device is worthwhile because it reduces air conditioning costs by blocking excessive sun heat. This is a significant saving that will more than outweigh the original expenditure.

Where can I use integrated venetian blinds?

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS ideal for most spaces! Because of their versatility, these integrated blinds are perfect for a wide range of applications in India. Commercial spaces, public places (malls, airports, stations), healthcare facilities (patient rooms, ICUs, OTs, labs, diagnostic centers), hotels, schools, and houses are all excellent fits for blinds. Furthermore, this may be fitted between internal glass barriers in the conference and executive rooms, as well as corridors. For more information on the blind options, please refer to our brochure.

Available in Manual and Motorized 

You have an option. Integrated blinds are available in both manual and motorized types. The tilt-only function of the manual system allows for slat adjustment by moving a knob. This device, when installed within a cavity, may be utilized in all types of window frames. The motorized system, on the other hand, can lift, lower, and tilt the blinds smoothly and precisely. The electric system can be housed inside double glass modules. This option is accessible to all kinds of blind.

 Design Features

Vacuum Blinds – Vacuum blinds that operate between the set of two glasses (Double Glaze Unit).

Excellent Heat insulation – These blind screens act as an additional barrier to stop the heat & sunlight from entering your home.

No Dust – The entire blind screen operates between a concealed set of glass (DGU), thereby ensuring ‘No Dust’.

Zero Maintenance – This highly functional blind screen mechanism requires absolutely zero to no maintenance.

Complete Visual Control – The entire blind screen lifts completely to give an uninterrupted view of the outside.

Single Touch Operation – Move the entire blind screen completely or adjust it as per your comfort with just a single click of a button.

Covers Larger Areas – Blind screens can cover a larger area, ranging from a smaller window to a larger balcony door.

Dynamic Solar Shading – Adjustable Blind screens that let you control the amount of sunlight entering your house.

Curious to know more about the product’s benefits? Want to learn more about this innovative sun protection system? Find out how to get more from integrated blinds in India. Our product brochure offers interesting insights and information.

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