Kerala, God’s own country, is a very beautiful state. From the mountain ranges to the coastal lines, from coconut trees to clean beaches, everything here is just breathtaking. Apart from its beauty, Kerala is also known for its humid climate and heat, which are recorded to reach up to 42 degrees Celsius, thus making the state pretty hot and moist. Well, to escape this heat and have access to this beauty, it is very necessary to find a good solution to address this problem, or else one will have to compromise on their lifestyle.

The solution to this problem is to have good fenestration. Not only will it improve the quality of your life, but it will also help you with the view and humidity. Good fenestration will also enhance the look of your house. Aluminium windows, integrated blinds, and casement windows are a few of the options to install, according to your location and direction, to upgrade your standard of living. The cherry on top of your home’s aesthetics are the skylights, which will provide the best look and allow natural sun and moonlight to make your home look even more elegant and exclusive. These skylights are coconut-resistant. Mind it.

Currasso is the best consultant when it comes to fenestration in your home or workplace. Now that Currasso is in Kerala to serve you with the best fenestration solution, you will have access to innovation and well-engineered fenestration in a 2,500-square-foot experience center.

Visit the experience center in Kerala to have a unique opportunity to try different window typologies, which will help you make a clear choice. We will understand your needs and provide the best of what you need. Touch. Feel. Install. Everything is possible under one roof.

 – Prathmi Thosani 

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