What are double glazed windows, and what benefits do they offer?

Double-glazed windows, also referred to as insulated windows, have grown in popularity as a building material for high-end urban homes in recent years. 

The frames of these modern windows, which come with glass panes, are made of aluminium. To create both an airtight seal and an insulating barrier between the inside and outside of the building, the space between the two glass panes is filled with inert gases like argon. Our guide will assist you in determining whether double-glazed windows are the best option if you intend to install new windows or replace your current ones.

Let’s go over the advantages of having double-glazed windows installed by Currasso now that you understand what they are.

  • Winters will be warmer with double glazing

In addition to being excellent at insulating, double glazing can help capture and store heat from the sun. This is a fantastic way to keep your house warm during the winter.

  • Energy costs can be reduced with double glazing.

When double-glazed windows are installed, a room requires less energy to heat or cool, which lowers energy bills and saves money. The insulation levels will increase, and more layers of glazing will result in greater financial savings.

  • While it’s summer, it stays cool.

On a hot summer day, double-glazed windows can block some of the sun’s rays, keeping your room cooler. Less air conditioning is therefore needed.

  • Safety can be improved with double glazing.

Your home is more secure as more units have double-glazed windows. They are more tightly sealed than other windows and are more difficult to break.

  • Condensation can be lessened by double glazing.

Because of the airtight seal, double-glazed windows help reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes. Other windows frequently permit condensation to accumulate, which leads to mold spores on the window panes.

  • Double glazing can silence a room.

There is less noise and a quieter home as there are more units. Double glazed windows are essential if you live near busy roads or in a generally noisy area.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your windows, all of our windows are bespoke. We can make the ideal window for you if you have a room that is excessively dark and cold, a room that receives excessive sunlight, or a bedroom that faces a busy road. For more information, visit our Experience Center locations in Kerala and Mumbai.

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