In a survey carried by Origin Global, windows, blinds and door manufacturer, disclosed that almost 26% of buyers would prefer natural sunlight as a priority feature requirement while choosing a solution.

Nowadays people are losing the feeling of warmth behind the closed windows of bustling cities. Natural light in a home is always better than artificial light. It bathes your room in a rich spectrum tint that light bulbs can only reprise. But, due to the drastic rise in air pollution multiple individuals now prefer to sit indoors with closed windows.

Nevertheless, Air pollution is an unignorable factor. The World Health Organization has declared air pollution as a major health risk. Research has revealed, that maintaining the air quality at home has become a vital issue during the pandemic.

Is blocking Sunlight, for obstructing toxic air the only option? 

No, we have some solutions for you!

6 tips for improving the access to sunlight with closed windows.

1. Use a light colour palette for walls 

2. Keep more plants indoors.

3. Reduce the usage of artificial lights.

4. Adapt your furniture in the direction of light.

5. Install Skylight .

6. Regularly clean your windows.

Shifting to Currasso is also the right choice of new windows for home! We have tightly sealed windows and that will block all the impure air particles outside the house.

Nonetheless, there is no compromise on the sunlight access with our windows. Natural light will soak your home, giving an opulent shine even with closed windows. These features and solutions are exemplified at our Experience Centre.

Exposure to daylight correlates to refinements in our health and mindset. Natural light can make a room lighter and brighter and give a spacious feeling. Therefore, the presence of sunlight in the home is a crucial aspect. But along with daylight access to impure air particles can become life-threatening. Hence, beat the pollution and say yes to sunlight in and pollution out with us.

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