Are you allergic to dust? Dust allergies have become a nuisance for you? And cleaning your house has become an exerting routine for you?

Then we are here to help you with some simple tricks to keep your house dust-free.

Currently, more than 25% of Indians have different forms of dust allergies.

 Therefore, cleaning the house has become an ongoing task.

Except you have an air-conditioned home, with tightly sealed aluminium windows, you can’t prevent dust from entering your house and collecting on the furniture and floor. 

Here is a list of the best ways to prevent dust from entering your house:

No Shoes inside

Bringing shoes inside the house is an open invitation to road dust and germs. If probable, try to have a shoe cabinet outside the house. Anyways, if the shoe cabinet is built inside the house, keep it covered to prevent the dust from spreading in your house. Bringing shoes inside the house is unhygienic and when ignored can cause serious illnesses like asthma, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Clean the Carpets

Carpets can bring the most dust inside the house. Therefore, carpeted floors are very high maintenance. They should be vacuumed every day and possibly more if people are sensitized to dust in the house. You can use an entry doormat, which collects dirt from your shoes. As well as an indoor mat that prevents dust from entering your space. If keeping a carpet is a necessity, then consider buying a vacuum cleaner that comes with a double-layered microfilter bag to prevent dust from being re-introduced into the air.

Use Blinds Instead of Drapes

Curtains also extensively gather dust. Changing the curtain once or twice a year can accumulate outdoor dust on a large scale. A better alternative for your window curtains is aluminium blinds, which can be wiped clean or vacuumed regularly. They will provide equal light and air ventilation while obstructing dust accumulation. Companies like Currasso, provide integrated blind options with their window, that prevents dust penetration and requires zero maintenance and upkeep.

Routine cleaning

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to dust elimination. Get a habit of routine cleaning. Clean a little part of your house every day. This will reduce the dust overload and will prevail hygiene in your house. When working your way through the house, clean from the top to the bottom. Remove the dust from behind and under appliances. This is the perfect hiding spot for dust that is hard to sweep; it is best cleaned with a vacuum.  The final task you complete in each room should be vacuuming or mopping, especially when you’re looking for ways to prevent dust in the home.

Keep your windows closed.

The best way to prevent dust from coming through in the first place is to keep the windows closed. So, if you are on the lower floors of a building or in an area with heavy traffic outdoors, you should keep your windows closed during peak traffic hours. Open the windows in early morning hours when there is dew and mist outside. Using new age mesh screens can also be a good choice, it can block almost 90% of the external dust and keep your lungs dust free.

Install an Air Purifier

If all other measures fail, you could consider installing an air purifier to eliminate the dust out of your house. It is more suitable to install an air purifier in your home, especially if your city is high in pollution. You can install whole-house units or single portable ones for each room. The air purifier will collect all the dust particles in a bag. Make it a point to empty the bag, just like you do in the case of vacuum cleaners. 

Dusty Little Secret – each year, a typical six-room house accumulates almost 19kg of dust – the shed skin, dander, and fibers from your family, furniture, and pets, plus dirt, pollen, and other grime from outdoors. 

How to keep your home dust free in India

No matter how much you clean, dust always comes back. It’s no secret that keeping your place dust-free is a continuous task and it’s easy to lose interest in it. Dust, then, seems to accumulate faster. As long as you know the right ways to go about cleaning it and you’re equipped with the right supplies, it’s not a big task to get rid of all that nasty dust. 

Share with us your secret techniques of keeping your house dust-free?

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