Windows function as the eyes and nose of your home. It will be a huge discontent if you get it wrong! Nothing is more soothing than sitting indoors and relishing a captivating sight. The right windows can add architectural  appeal, improve energy efficiency, glow up your interiors and enrich the essence of your home.  But with so many possibilities, how are you supposed to choose the right window style for your home?  We are here to help you!  Understand with us the 6 different styles of windows and their attributes.

1. Casement Windows:

A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges and it opens like a door. This is an ideal solution for kitchens, bathroom and High-rise apartments. The tighter seal keeps the space better sanitized and clean. They are highly long-lasting and permit maximum airflow with an unobstructed view.

2. Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows are traditional windows including, panels within the window that slide side to side. It is an excellent solution for apartment flats and commercial buildings providing, impressive and functional results. This design can be customised, with dimensions and requires low maintenance ensuring excellent durability.

3. Aluminium Louvres:

Aluminium Louvres are shutters with horizontal slats that can be controlled at different angles to shade from the sun and privacy. Louvres are often used in windows or doors to allow air or light penetration, keeping sunshine and moisture out. Nowadays, aluminium louvres are mainly used for home decor purposes and architectural beauty.  4. French Windows: French windows feature two panels of glass that side hinged and open either inward or outward, creating an unobstructed view. French windows can be used on external walls of balconies, terraces or within a home to create an optical link between spaces. French windows lend a definitive and lavish look to the home décor.

5. Integrated Venetian Blinds:

An innovative integrated system of blinds is permanently sealed between double-glazed window units. Once it is sealed, it does not require any kind of cleaning and looks pristine. It increases the energy efficiency of the area and is ideal protection from any physical damage. Currasso provides a motorised blinds system as well as a manually operated blinds system.

6. Skylights:

A skylight is a light-transmitting design. Skylights are nestled into a ceiling with immediate access to the roof. The skylight can decor your home with natural light making it breezy and luminous. Currasso has also designed a waterproof Skylight, for monsoon circumstances.

Once you’ve got the functional aspects right, choosing a window will become an effortless job. Last, but not least find a reliable company catering to all your windows requirements. Choose a company that offers long term warranty and can show you live samples for maximum satisfaction. Can’t find one? Call Currasso, we are Fenestration experts believing in enriching your lifestyle by offering all windows and doors solutions. 

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