In the 1980s, sliding aluminium windows were installed in many homes around the
world. Back then, window frames made of this material were not aesthetically
pleasing, but they provided households with durability and security. By 2020, not only will all of the benefits of aluminium windows such as robustness, strength, and durability, remain, but these structures will also be available with unrivaled aesthetics thanks to manufacturing advancements. Modern aluminium window frames have powder-coated colourful frames and sleek, slim lines that contribute to the creation of stylish windows that adorn the fenestrations of homes and offices. Are you thinking about purchasing aluminium windows? If so, keep
Read on to learn about the top benefits of investing in aluminium.

Durability and strength

Aluminium windows are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. This advantage
guarantees longevity and tenacity. This material is also used to make weatherproof
structures. For example, if you live near the coast or in a city where it rains
frequently, aluminium windows are your best bet because they have a high moisture
endurance capacity.
Furthermore, if you live in a high-rise apartment building, you will require a material
that can withstand higher wind loads. Aluminium windows are inherently stable and
do not deteriorate when subjected to high winds and torrential downpours. These
Structures retain their color and finish for years thanks to surface treatments.

Aesthetically Appealing
You can read several glossy architectural magazines and come to the conclusion that
aluminium is symbolic of modern architecture. For customized looks and finishes,
most aluminium windows are powder-coated. Because this material is flexible,
manufacturers can bend it into any shape, size, and thickness to match the décor of
your home. Aluminium is an excellent choice for sliding French windows and doors due to its
strength and variety of design options. Aluminium windows should be your first choice
if you live in a city like Mumbai, which has a humid maritime climate all year.
Aluminium frames, when combined with the appropriate glazing options, can
withstand moisture for years without deterioration.

Energy Efficient
While it may not appear to be obvious, the quality of your fenestration does have an
impact on the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, ill-fitting windows are a
common source of air leakage, putting undue strain on your heating and cooling
systems. How? Allowing conditioned air to escape through cracks. With sloppy window
frames, you must keep your air-conditioning systems running all the time. Aluminium windows provide excellent insulation and will improve the thermal
performance of your home. If you live in a predominantly cold city, combine
aluminium frames with double-glazed windows to improve thermal insulation. This will
reduce heat loss and cold wind entry into your home.

Low Maintenance
Aluminium windows, as previously stated, do not rust or discolor. As a result, caring
for them is both inexpensive and quick. So much so that, unless you live in a
particularly dusty neighbourhood, you will only need to clean your aluminium windows
and doors twice a month. One of the best things about aluminium frames is that, with
proper care, they always shine like a new penny.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable, making it an environmentally friendly
choice. Furthermore, recycling this material only requires 5% of the original energy.
Also, did you know that Currasso provides aluminium frames that can be finished in a
wooden finish to give you that desired vintage feel?
Choose aluminium frames if you are serious about lowering your carbon footprint and
replacing your home’s windows with fresh, contemporary windows.

Are you willing to make the switch to aluminium windows? If so, look no further than
Currasso, Mumbai’s leading window solutions provider. We truly believe that your
home and office deserve the best, which is why our team of experts provides end-to-
end services that ensure long-term performance and satisfaction. We assist you at
every stage of the process, from selection to installation to after-sales support.
If you are looking for a variety of window solutions such as aesthetics, safety, security,
thermal and acoustic insulation, privacy, and so on, visit our Lower Parel, Mumbai and Thodupuzha, Kerala Experience Center.

Curated By
Vibhavari Singh

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