Humans spend the majority of their waking hours indoors, where the built environment affects their quality of life. Natural light and ventilation have an impact on the human body, which means that a holistic approach to health and wellness is necessary. The interface between the built environment and the outside world is created by fenestrations, each of which uniquely affects people’s health. 

• Light

In natural spaces, windows are intended to be the main source of natural light and can be adjusted to maximize thermal comfort and minimize artificial lighting. Depending on the building’s context, location, and typology, specific fenestration technologies permit optimal natural light inside the building while protecting it from harmful rays.

• D vitamin source

A healthy sleep pattern requires exposure to bright morning sunlight because it is a source of vitamin D. A healthy sleep cycle is also maintained by natural light, and germ-killing ultraviolet rays are produced by the sun. Additionally, sunlight controls the melatonin and serotonin in our bodies, lowering stress and depression.

• Ventilation

Since aluminium window systems can be designed in a variety of ways to regulate openings according to need, fenestrations maximize the ventilation of the space. Additionally, it controls body temperature to create a calm and unwinding environment with open windows and strategically placed fenestrations for the best thermal comfort. Sick Building Syndrome 

is brought on by dimly lit, poorly ventilated areas, whereas well-lit, well-ventilated areas maintain a habitable environment.

• Views

By providing views of the surroundings and fostering a good relationship between the user and the building, domal windows improve the experience of the space. They offer a visual link to nature while keeping their distance, giving architects a reference point for the area. By bringing the outdoors inside and providing relaxation, they also help to prevent claustrophobia by breaking up the monotony of the interiors. 


We encourage you to prioritize healthy today rather than tomorrow or the next day to promote a holistic approach to health. For more information on the practical advantages of aluminium windows and doors, Visit Currasso Experience in Lower Parel.

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