Even in the harsh temperature conditions of India, today’s greatest aluminium windows are energy-efficient and incredibly durable. However, knowing how to maintain aluminium windows is critical to ensuring that they perform well and last for their full lifespan.
For routine aluminium window cleaning and maintenance, follow the quick guide below. Use the aluminium window maintenance dos and don’ts to keep your new windows looking and performing like new for many years to come.

Aluminum Window Cleaning and Maintenance Dos and Don’ts
Clean and maintain your aluminum windows on the regular schedule outlined in the Aluminum Windows Cleaning Schedule provided below. Use these tips for aluminum window care Dos and Don’ts, to avoid damage and preserve the long life and ideal functioning of your windows.

Aluminum Window Cleaning Dos:

· Use only non-abrasive glass cleaners and a sponge or soft cloth to clean window glass.

· Use a mild household soap and water solution to clean the frames.

· Use a firm cleaning brush (but not a wire brush) to clean aluminum frames thoroughly.

· To prevent excessive wear or damage, use a soft cloth to dry glass, frames, hinges, and sealant.

· Use a “cleaning lubricant” in spring locks and on hardware to help prevent rust and corrosion.

· After thoroughly cleaning the hardware, apply a silicone lubricant to preserve it.

Aluminum Window Cleaning Don’ts:

· Don’t use abrasive scrubbing pads, brushes, or steel wool to clean aluminum window frames.

· Don’t use abrasive cleaners, cleaning solvents, or other harsh chemicals on aluminum frames.

· Don’t use high-pressure spray cleaning equipment or nozzles to clean aluminum windows.

· Don’t allow the spray from irrigation sprinklers to reach aluminum windows.

Steps to clean Aluminum Windows

Use cleaners for aluminum window frames to help prevent premature oxidation or pitting of aluminum surfaces. You can use regular glass cleaner in liberal amounts. Or, to make your own mild soapy water solution, mix 2 cups of mild detergent in 1 half gallon of water.

  1. Use a stiff cleaning brush with soft bristles to scrub off tough dirt and grime.
  2. Then, rewash the frames with a sponge.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the window frames with clean water.
  4. Dry the aluminum windows in a circular motion using a soft cloth.

Ensure that you remove all traces of cleaning agents to prevent staining and premature oxidation of aluminum frames.

Aluminum Windows Cleaning Schedule

Without proper care, even new windows look dirty and the frames become grimy. They may begin to stick or jam, making opening and closing the windows difficult. But, by following this simple schedule for periodic care, you can keep your beautiful high-quality aluminum windows looking and functioning as good as new for many years:

Monthly: Clean your window glass and aluminum frames. 

Yearly: Examine the perimeters of the aluminum window frames and check the weather-stripping for cracks, damage, or dry, brittle material. If your windows have double glass panes, check for signs of moisture between the panels. 

Twice a Year: Inspect the hardware, closing and locking mechanisms, and rollers, and thoroughly clean inside the door tracks at least twice a year.

In conclusion, proper maintenance of your Aluminium windows is essential to ensuring their longevity and functionality. By following the cleaning and maintenance tips outlined above, you can avoid damage and keep your windows looking and performing like new for many years. To learn more about Aluminium windows, visit our Experience Centre in Mumbai and Thodupuzha, Kerala

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