“The whole point is to live life and be—to use all the colours in the crayon box.” – Ru Paul

Does it enhance the aesthetics of metro cities like Mumbai and Kerala?

Colours have an effect on the spectator, creating ambiance, appealing to emotions, and frequently evoking memories. Colour selection is an important element in the design process for architects and planners. Colours can either blend the structure into its surroundings or give it a unique presence. Colours draw attention to the architecture by emphasizing details or the entire surface. Finally, colours reflect one’s mentality. Red represents activity, while yellow represents optimism. Grey, black, and white can be used to show cool design awareness. Currasso helps you choose from the most colour options, which are ideally matched to the intended design. Modern finishing processes, such as powder or anodic coatings, not only preserve the surface from external damage but also give developers the colours and glosses for the product they want.

Powder finishing for the desired hue
The elements of aluminium retain their original brilliance even after many years due to the high quality enamelling of the powder finished profiles, which do not require a fresh coat of paint. You can select from the entire range of over 200 hues. These colours are available in three finishes: glossy, matt, and textured.

Choosing powder-coated aluminium windows for your home or workplace
Currasso welcomes you with a large selection of powder-coated aluminium windows in a variety of hues and styles. You can find windows that are tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. Powder-coated aluminium windows are a superior choice to painted aluminium windows in India. The powder used protects the metal frames from corrosion and oxidation caused by humid weather conditions.

Powder Coating’s Efficiency

Powder coating of aluminium doors and windows is accomplished using a dry finishing technique that combines fine particles of resin and the colour pigment and sprays electrostatic charge methods on the piece to be coated. After becoming caught on the surface of aluminium furniture, these particles are melted and transformed into a smooth covering.
The quality and success of the powder-coated aluminium process are heavily reliant on:

– the surface preparation,

– pre-treatment of the aluminium frames with chemicals and heat,

– the consistent and steady application of the powder coating on aluminium, and

– finally, subjecting them to curative methods.

Our specialists advocate this process since it ensures a high level of durability and homogeneity. You may rest assured that our windows have a high-quality finish and fantastic powder-coated aluminium colours. We guarantee our customers the pleasure of selecting a hue that not only blends with the surroundings but also enhances the appearance of their home or office. To learn more about window colors,visit our Experience Centre in Mumbai and Thodupuzha, Kerala.

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