Popular Window types and its advantages

Windows are the lungs of any house, and having the correct fenestration lets a home breathe while also making it safe and secure. Whether you are constructing a new home, building, or just renovating a pricey possession, a consumer has four categories to choose from.

1. Sliding windows

2. Casement windows

3. Fixed windows

4. Sliding and folding windows

Windows may look simple and sleek in design, but they are engineered to look that way so that they fit well in the mood board and only burnish the finished home. There is a lot of science that goes into making a window healthy and safe. 

The basic functions that each window should provide are:

1. Security

2. Insulation

3. Sound absorption

4. Seal the opening from outside elements like dust, water, and insects.

5. Ease of operation

6. Seamless integration with Venetian blinds and Inset screens

7. Should last the house’s life time with zero or minimal maintenance

Sliding windows with integrated insect screen

Sliding windows.

Sliding windows are ubiquitous in urban living and easy to understand. They are sashes stacked horizontally on each other, that, on a level surface, slide left-right-left along the base track and top guide channels.  They are useful in areas with limited space that can’t accommodate casement windows.  They have either single locks or multi point locking (for windows with more than 3 feet of height). Ideal for rooms facing walkways, porches, or patios.

Casement Windows

Casement window provides for the best seal for healthier environment

These windows wrench open in a flat manner on pivots mounted on the top and the base. They do not block space on your window pane when completely open. This window provides better ventilation, tighter seals, better sound absorption, and greater insulation. Casement windows, when fixed with original components, are far superior when compared to regular sliding windows; the trade-off is the space needed in tight urban areas.

Fixed windows

Fixed window with integrated blinds

Also known as picture windows,” these are fixed tempered glass windows with insulation in them that can’t be opened or closed. The main purpose of this window is to provide natural light and a view of the gorgeous scenery outside. Ideal places are the top quarter of long facades, commercial offices, and hotels. 

Sliding and folding windows 

This is a recent innovation in the world of fenestration. It combines the merits of both  a sliding window and a casement window. A larger opening can be installed with this series, providing an uninterrupted view of the outside with an unparalleled seal from unwanted elements like rain, pollution, sound, and weather. It is ideal for large openings on balconies and meditation/mandir rooms where a proper seal is a must with an unobstructed view when open.

Remember, windows can transport you from your daily routine. Engulf you in a painting with moving clouds and colorful skies. A warm cup of coffee besides a window on a rainy day, might just take the gloom away and make you cozy. The wrong window might take you away from the experience, but the right one may make your life more memorable. 

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